Personal Lubrication Education

Hello, Kitty: My girlfriend doesn't get wet enough when we're having sex, and I want to buy her some lube. But I don't know which is the best kind to use. Of course, I've heard of KY, but when I went into Walgreens to check out the options, there were so many my head spun. I've never been with someone who's had this problem, and my girl claims she's never heard the complaint before, so she's clueless. My friends are worthless because all they know is what they see on TV. Please help. I'm starting to chafe.

Shiez Sirhara



Magic City Kitty

Hey, Shiez: First, stop blaming your lady's dryness on her. Condoms, some prescription drugs, and frequent sex can all contribute to this uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing "problem." And I'm sure your complaining doesn't make her anymore willing to juice up for you. If she's truly never heard this complaint before, quit your bitching and consider this an "our" issue versus "her" issue.

As far as types of lube, you have natural (saliva or sweat), water-based, silicone, and oil-based. To simplify things, let's knock oil-based lubricants off the list. They're impossible to use with a condom because the oil destroys latex. And they coat your insides, turning your girl into a bacteria factory. As for spit and sweat, that's obvious — use them. To some, spitting — whether into a hand or directly onto the vag or peen — is crass, but that's your call. My recommendation: water-based lubes. They most closely resemble the moistness of an actual human being, are easily absorbed by the skin, and can be reactivated with a lil' spit (read: you won't have to use as much, therefore recession-friendly). Be aware that all lubes are not created equal and some might contain sticky, yeast-infection-friendly glycerin. So try to go for something that's as close to natural as you can get. KY is usually the go-to water-based lube brand because it's conveniently available and FDA approved. Silicone-based lubes are also nice because they're water-based but don't dry out. You'll certainly want to try out a few types and see what you like — this could be fun. Note: My advice doesn't apply to anal. That's a whole different set of liquids. Meow.

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