Perez Hilton Talks Lazy Drag Queens, Advises Amanda Bynes: "The Key Is Not Dying"

Mario Lavandeira, better known as gossip blogger Perez Hilton, doesn't make it back to his hometown of Miami that often, but when he does, he tries to make it interesting. This time around, he'll be hosting the Ultimate Drag Queen competition at the Magic City Casino tomorrow night.

"I'm the master of ceremonies," he tells Cultist, "so I am introducing everybody and making sure that things run smoothly. Maybe some color commentary, too, like a live version of my website."

Hilton is excited to be coming back home, his first visit since starting a family. Longtime fans may be surprised that Hilton didn't examine the sonogram of his son for "gayface" the way he has done with images of shiny television hunks on his website. On the photos he's been taking of his son, he has yet to draw any cocaine particles spilling from his nose or a penis ejaculating all over the boy's face.

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