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Pepe Billete: Trick Daddy Throwing Lil Wayne Out of King of Diamonds Is a Win for 305 Pride

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305 Pride is not just another perfunctory saying any comemierda can go around claiming with no regard for what it stands for. It is something that is demonstrated through actions, not words. Whether you do things to help unite our community or publicly come to its defense when some comepinga tries to talk shit, a true Dade County pingu knows that no matter what, our home is sacred ground.

This week, Trick Daddy proved just how much of a 305 pingu he really is.

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According to thephoenixmag.com, Trick Daddy decided to take matters into his own hands and show el sapingo de Weasel Wayne that he indeed is no longer welcome in our beloved city. Wayne, in yet another display of blatant disrespect, decided it would be a good idea to stroll into King of Diamonds like nothing ever happened.

Things got serious when Trick walked into the club con tremendo entourage, approached Wayne, and allegedly flicked a cigarette at him, straight up calling him out on all the bullshit he's talked in recent months. Things got so tense for Wayne that he had to be escorted out of the club, just like a stripper getting off her shift.

You might remember that Wayne went on 99 Jamz a little more than a month ago and basically apologized to El Lebronsito (and no one else) for including him in his "Fuck You" Miami speech during an All-Star game afterparty. Unfortunately, Wayne's fantasy of sucking a king's dick overtook his better judgement, because he failed to realize that in saying "Fuck the Miami Heat," he was really saying "Fuck you" to the entire city of Miami -- a place he claims to call his home.

Well guess what, Weasel Wayne? I hope the message is now vehemently clear. When you said "Fuck you" to the Miami Heat, you said "Fuck you" to the underprivileged Miami kids whose college scholarships are funded by the Heat. You said "Fuck you" to the people whose literacy has improved because of the reading centers they've built in our more impoverished communities. You said "Fuck you" to our local schools, which are given the opportunity to raise money using the Miami Heat brand to ensure they are properly funded, and worst of all, you said "Fuck you" to an organization that has united and fortified a city's sense of pride. You're a vile piece of shit, pipo, a cartoon, and as your new album title appropriately states, you are NOT a human being. You are no longer welcome here. Period.

So now you know. Pack up your jeggings, your bullshit millions, and that big fucking mouth on that prepubescent body of yours, and get the fuck out of our city. And don't forget your skateboard, bitch!

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