Pepe Billete Announces 305 Pride Night with Trick Daddy: "F*ck Wayne, We are Focusing on Being Proud"

Pepe Billete has always been proud of his Miami hometown. From openly admiring the city's famous culo to delving into more serious political issues like the meaning of "Hispanic," Miami culture is more than just an influence in his comedy; it's the foundation of his work.

So it's no surprise that Billete has emerged as Dade's biggest defender, especially in the wake of certain dickish comments made toward the Miami Heat, followed by an even more dickish non-apology, by a certain confoundingly famous rapper. With a scathing open letter followed by a hilarious video to the sounds of Pitbull, everybody's favorite Cuban puppet helped turn the name Lil Wayne into a four-letter word all across South Florida.

But now, Billete's done defending -- it's time to celebrate our city. So rather than give Weezy any more attention, Tio Pepe's teaming up with another native Miami entertainer, Trick Daddy, to shift the focus to how effing sick it is to be from the 305, bro.

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Next Friday, Billete and Trick will host a 305 Pride night at Mekka nightclub. The pair is calling all proud residents of the 305 to come out and show that a half-assed beef between one low-rent rapper and the world's greatest basketball team doesn't even begin to tame that fierce Miami glory.

"We'll both be there, talking shit," Billete told New Times.

But when we asked Billete (who, for the record, has been pushing back against Miami haters way before Lil Wayne got in the game) if this was yet another backlash against Weezy, he insisted it wasn't about piling more shit on the Young Money star.

"More like as a result of the Wayne shit," he clarified. "Fuck Wayne -- we are focusing more on being proud of the 305."

So 305 Night will be less of this:

And more of this:

The night's lineup will include DJ Epps and more acts to be announced. Billete also hinted at some added surprises for proud party people, but for now the exact attractions remain under wraps.

Not that it matters -- the real win will be filling the club with sexy, sweaty mamis y pingus who are seriously showing some Miami pride.

"It's the only event of its kind happening," Billete said. "It'll be fun to get people stoked about Dade."

305 Night at Mekka, 950 NE Second Ave., Miami. Friday, March 8. Visit mekkamiami.com.

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