Papa Won't Preach

It's time to see the old man

TUE 7/19

Ernest Hemingway began spending time in Key West in the late Twenties. Let the breezy clime coddle his gentle moments. Let the azure sea challenge his manhood with its brawny marlins. Hemingway said of the island: "It's the best place I've ever been anytime.... Got tight last night on absinthe and did knife tricks."

No need for knife tricks here. Here is Key West now. Now is today through Sunday, July 19-24. The Conchs, the denizens of this island, they call it the Hemingway Days. Daze might be more like it.

The idea, always the idea here, is to get tight and enjoy. No knife tricks, but plenty else. The man is gone of course. With a shotgun he did it. But his granddaughter, the one called Lorian, she'll announce the short story contest winners Thursday (Casa Antigua, 314 Simonton St.). Grandpapa would have liked the readings. With musical performances too. On Friday and Saturday at Sloppy Joe's (201 Duval St.) there will be some 150 Hemingways. Ersatz. Fake. Look-alikes. A contest. Other contests: a marlin fishing tournament and a "running of the bulls." The second is something of a joke. Intentional joke. Actor and playwright Brian Gordon Sinclair will deliver a one-man play, part of a series. Titled Death in the Afternoon. So much more. Call 1-800-527-8539, or visit --Greg Baker

Pirate Tricks

Magic with a hook

MON 7/18

Avast, ye mateys, it's time to set sail in search of pirate treasures. Salty Sue the Pirate Lady wants to take you on a magical journey of the high seas. This swashbuckling magic show and story adventure is part of the Magic City Monday summer performing art series. The series continues next week with Caribfest 05 presented by Body Nation Dance Theater, as well as Rhythm Nation, a demonstration of musical styles from Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad, and Brazil, presented by Solutions in Music Corporation. Straighten your eye patch, fasten your parrot firmly on your shoulder, and head to the Joseph Caleb Auditorium, 5400 NW 22nd Ave., Miami, today at 2:00. Admission is three dollars for children, and accompanying adults get in free. Call 305-636-2350 for reservations. --Lyssa Oberkreser

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