Over the Weekend - Basel, Busta, Riley and Chavez

Maybe you were holed up with all the lights off trying to avoid bearing witness to another Dolphins loss, or maybe the cold sweats inducing traffic and parking madness deterred you, but otherwise you probably hit up Art Basel in one form or another, whether it was the actual show at the convention center or one of the many satellite fairs, from Art Positions on the beach to Photo Miami in the Design District.

Tovin Lapan

One of the more creative, original, and guerrilla-style pieces I saw during Art Basel was a car decked out to look like a Border Patrol vehicle, showing video of immigrants on screens embedded where the back windows and windshield would be. It was cruising the Wynwood District Saturday night.

Read all of the New Times blogs from Art Basel.

Busta Rhymes put on a sweaty and high energy set at Mansion, where he was joined by Paris Hilton. After your eyes glazed over from art overload, what better way to end the night than a shot of Patron while listening to “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.”

The Fins lost 38-17 in the snow flurries of Buffalo, that makes 0 – 13, only three more weeks left to get a win, Baltimore comes to town next week then they finish the season at New England and home versus Cincinnati. Cam Cameron will probably secretly pass on coaching duties to a doe-eyes assistant before they get a chance to fire him.

The Heat lost Friday night to the Golden State Warriors after losing an 18-point lead. After five straight loses the Heat beat the Clippers 100 – 94 Sunday, earning Pat Riley his 1,200 career victory.

And just because I don't want anyone to say that we don't give any love to hockey (and its the only Miami team in spitting distance of .500) ... Panthers won 3 – 0 against the NY Islanders and now stand at 13-15-1, eight points behind Southeast Division leader Carolina.

Opinion of the Week – A lot of anti-Chavistas let out a collective cheer when the boisterous Venezuelan leader's constitutional referendum failed, claiming a victory for the opposition. But political scientist Gael Brustier says it was actually a victory for Chavez.

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