Over the Weekend - Agent Orange and Volkwagens

Rain came through Saturday and Shawn Marion lost in his debut with the Heat on Sunday, but there were good things going on too, like the Agent Orange show and the 10th Annual Volksblast. Oh yea, and something called the Grammys also took place over the weekend.

Tristan Spinkski
To Be Hated was just one of the opening acts for Agent Orange Friday night

Friday night Agent Orange from the OC raided Churchill's Pub. The headliners went on stage around 1:30 am after local openers To Be Hated, Boy Prostitute, Johnny Sexfuck and Fleshrockets, and Laramie Dean.

Marco Kornfeld

The 10th annual Volksblast was held over the weekend in South Miami near the Sunset Place shopping mall. More than 250 VWs - mostly vintage, air-cooled models - parked along the streets. Most were show cars, while some were for sale, to the tune of $25,000 for a restored buggy. A version of the movie-star car "Herbie" made an appearance, as did several vans, dune buggies and other creations form the German automaker.

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