Orange Bowl: Sad About the Huskies? Cheer Up With These Hollywood Underdog Stories

If you're a Florida State fan, congrats to you and your Seminoles for winning last night's Orange Bowl as expected. (And our sympathies for your morning-after hangover.)

If you were rooting for Northern Illinois, on the other hand, your Cinderella story is over. And you're probably feeling a little crushed. From die-hard Huskies fans (all, what, 30 of them?) to average folks dreaming of a better life, the idea of a plucky underdog fighting his way to the top has huge appeal.

The underdog rarely wins in real life, but in movies, they're pretty much a sure thing. So restore your faith in hard work and dreams coming true with these clips of underdogs winning at life. Especially if you were hoping to see it happen last night.


But seriously: USA!

Aw, Rudy. You tiny champion.

Aw, Rocky. You unintelligible champion.

Dry those tears. There's no crying in baseball.

You love The Cutting Edge. It's okay to admit it.

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