Opera for Hipsters: Florida Grand Opera Brings Romeo et Juliette to Wynwood

We love Wynwood's Second Saturday Art Walk for all the important reasons: free booze, killer visual installations, bizarre conversations with socially awkward artists. And now there's yet another reason to get psyched for our favorite artistic endeavor: this weekend's stroll is offering an earful of aria to help pump up the monthly cultural melee.

In an inaugural run, the Florida Grand Opera (FGO) is bringing its vocal stylings to our city's aesthetic trek in the form of a special shindig at the Dorsch Gallery. Art walk attendees who RSVP will get an earful of snippets from the epic classic Romeo et Juliette (opening on April 21st at the Arsht Center), performed by members of the FGO's Young Artist Studio.

Did we mention that the party is free? Gratis? No dinero required?

According to FGO's Alejandra Serna, the opera is all about reaching a

young, art-appreciative audience with their music -- and we get to reap

the gratis benefits of said outreach. In addition to selections from

Romeo et Juliette, tune enthusiasts can expect popular songs to boot. An

"opera tasting menu" of sorts, says Serna. And of course, attendees

can look forward to a cocktail tasting menu, too. We're stoked for this

particular pairing.

In addition to liquid refreshments and melodic entertainment, you'll get

the chance to check out Dorsch's current exhibitions, including the

group show, "Let's Begin with a Line," and Ralph Provisero's kinetic solo

show, "For Old Times' Sake."

Here are a few more reasons to check out this extra special event, even if your Spotify playlists are sadly bereft of Mozart:

1. Free booze. Specifically, Herradura tequila, Little Black Dress vodka and Chambord liqueur.

2. Bragging rights. After this event, you'll have some operatic street cred, which is more than most of your friends can say.

3. The presence of Ralph Provisero's kinetic centerpiece, designed to

showcase his cynical outlook on the "joys" of childhood. We can

certainly relate to ambivalence about our early years.

4. As Serna said, "Opera isn't something that can be truly appreciated

on your mp3 player," so this is your chance to give it a

go, free of charge.

We'll see you there.

Click here to

RSVP or call 305-854-1643 for details. The event runs from 7 to 10 p.m.

on Saturday, April 14.

--Hannah Sentenac

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