SUN 11/20

As a young, hip opera star, Laurie Rubin must surely be a fan of Cake's "Opera Singer," and we agree she "sing[s] what can't be said." The spunky mezzo-soprano vocalizes in eight languages, and owing to amaurosis, a rare congenital disease that dissolves the retina, Rubin is also legally blind. She attended the prestigious Yale School of Music, performed her first solo at Carnegie Hall, and belted it to the rafters of the White House. Hear Rubin today at 4:00 at Steinway Piano Gallery Concert Hall, 4104 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables. Admission is $10 to $20. Call 305-538-2803, or visit www.centerforemergingart.org. — Christina Kent

Dancing Expedition

Momentum will pointe you in the right direction

FRI 11/18

Most journeys begin with a leap of faith. This weekend you can begin yours with a leap in the air, as Momentum Dance Company presents "Five Journeys and a Laugh." The trip gets under way on the Highway, rocking to Hendrix and Dylan in a new work by artistic director Delma Iles. "I would hope someone would feel in touch with that experimental, youthful side of themselves," says Iles. The dance journey is tightly packed and eclectic, like the company itself, winding through birth, love, experiments, and the return home. Sharing travel stories with friends anchors the ebb and flow of a weary explorer. For Momentum, Water Study is that old friend, a tried-and-true piece that returns for the fourth time in the company's history. The adventure begins at 8:00 tonight and Saturday at the Miami City Ballet Theater, 2200 Liberty Ave., Miami Beach. Tickets cost $20, $10 for students and seniors. Call 305-858-7002, or visit www.momentumdance.com. —Maya Ibars

The Other White Beat

THU 11/17

What do you do when you're bound to a major label that refuses to record your music? You secretly form another band, of course. When progressive rock and folk had to make way for moneymaking punk and disco artists, members of once-formidable acts found themselves chained to contracts that prevented them from releasing new albums. Fortunately punk rock was an appropriately ironic place to hide a bunch of noodly musicians away from the entertainment lawyers. In that atmosphere the Pork Dukes formed, but the joke was just as much on them: Despite a pedigree that includes Gniderlog and Steeleye Span, the crass Pork Dukes achieved some popularity with the punkers — enough popularity to still sell records and embark on reunion tours almost 30 years later. See them sneer tonight at 8:00 at Churchill's, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. Tickets cost six bucks. Call 305-757-1807. — Margaret Griffis

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