Only 24 Hours Left to Cast Your Votes for the Best of Miami 2014 Reader's Poll

Have you voted for your favorite museum? Think you follow the best twitter feed in Miami? Which strip club reigns supreme? C'mon, you know you've got opinions, and we're giving you the chance to speak your mind.

You can cast your vote for those categories and more in the Miami New Times Best of 2014 Reader's Poll, but you've got to hurry, because you've only got 24 hours left to let your voice be heard.

It's not the end-end of voting, but it is the end of the first round. After today, there'll be no more votes cast until all have been tallied. Voting will resume Monday, May 5, but this time around, it'll be for final victory.

Cast Your Vote Here, Pretty Please?

If you want your buddies bar to win Best Place to Meet Single Men, or to nominate to your favorite Spanish-Language Radio Personality (everyone has one of those, right?), you've got to move fast. Just head over to readerschoice.miaminewtimes.com and be as loud as you can be while clicking through a simple list of options.

It takes, like, twenty seconds, and while it won't tell you what Game of Thrones character you are at the end, it will leave you feeling satisfied. Prove your parents wrong, become a useful member of the community. Miami will appreciate it.

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