Off the Beaten Path at Second Saturday Art Walk: Art by God, Adjust Gallery, and O Cinema

Wynwood is starting to feel like Sim City. If people keep showing up and building stuff, pretty soon we're gonna need a bigger boat. At this weekend's Second Saturday Art Walk,  we decided to check out some places off the beaten path.

That road led us to Art By God, The T Shop Miami, Adjust Gallery, Fulwood Limited Edition Press, and the brand new O Cinema. Here's some cool stuff we saw.

The Art By God storefront is at 3705 Biscayne Boulevard and features a museums worth of dinosaur fossils, seashells, skins, skulls, stuffed animals (as in taxidermy), African Art, and more. They're open throughout the week, but also every Second Saturday night of the month with wine and cheese. If you're looking for a cool gift, they have a lot to choose from. But, if you wanna just walk inside, check the place out, and hear adventure stories from the owners, that's cool too.

The T-Shop Miami offer custom screenprinting in Wynwood. They have some great murals up, usually feature live painting for the art walk, and sometimes Elastic Bond will play a night there. The crew was taking it easy a week after

having printed shirts for New York graffiti legends Coco144 and Phase2. When we left with a healthy cup of vodka and cranberry a bunch of girls,

Viking Funeral, and Otto Von Schirach walked in.

Next we hit up Adjust Gallery. They feature an array of high-caliber emerging artists.

Out back, they had beer and barbeque.

Next up we stopped at the Radha Arts Building with a two-room show by Maestro Edgar "Nano" Sanchez and Lincoln Road legend, the painted statue, Daniela Viotti.

Nano drew some naked ladies. Drawing and painting classes are available. Call 754-422-3218 for info.

Daniela Viotti worked in sculpture for a series called "Object Woman" dealing in conception and birth. The New York Times was in there talking to her, so don't be surprised when you hear about her again.

We kept it moving and headed to the Fulwood Limited Edition Press, a true, old-school print shop headed up by master printer Louis F. Dow.

Fulwood is not a gallery per se, but a working studio that is open to the public. They teach printing classes and also rent out studio time. Here is artist Sara Waisburd at work.

Our last stop of the night was at O Cinema's sneak preview. They're still working out their last permitting issues and getting ready to install their theater seating. We caught a midnight showing of The Taqwa Cores, a Sundance film about Muslim Punk rockers in upstate New York.

O Cinema is filled with art work.

Even some that might freak you out. Like these small, jarred, animal ovaries and testicles.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.