O, Miami Wants to Put Poetry on Buses

The wheels on the bus go round and round -- much like the shape of LeAnn Rimes' latest purchases (how do you like that for a simile?). Isn't word play fun? But you know what's not fun? Riding the bus. Especially during rush hour traffic when it takes almost an hour and a half to travel the sum total of 1.5 miles.

But come April 2011, O, Miami (a poetry festival by the folks at University of Wynwood and funded by Knight Foundation) is partnering with the Poetry Society of America to bring their Poetry in Motion program to the 305 (and Okay, to the 786 too).

Que eso? You may ask. Well, since 1992, Poetry in Motion has been placing poetry in the transit systems of American cities like Boston, Dallas, and Atlanta (just to name a few) thus becoming one of the most successful public literary programs in the good ole' US of A. And now O, Miami wants you (yes, you, and not your boss who's currently reading this over your shoulder and deducting the pay from your check as we speak) to help them decide what poems will make it en route.

And being that the Magic City is a land of many different tongues, poems written in English, Spanish, and French are all welcomed as are their translations (just provide the OG version as well and info on the translator). And yes, although recommendations is mainly what they're looking for, if you're a budding Poe, Frost, hell, even a Seuss, you can suggest your own work as well.

Here are the formalities:

1. Poetry in Motion wants to spread the love, so first and foremost, find out what poems are already zipping around our country by checking out the PSA Atlas.

2. Suggest a poem or section of a poem by citing the author, book, and publisher (for permission purposes), slapping that vital info into the body of an email, and sending it off to Use the same web address if you have any other questions or concerns.

And here's hoping this gem from last year's Hialeah Hiakus makes the cut:

ITT said no.

Cordon Bleu said no (for now).

Gonna be a cop.

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Elyse Wanshel
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