No Full Refunds for Langarado Ticket Holders

There was like five seconds after Deerhunter was announced at Langarado where I almost bought a ticket, but with WMC and a planned long weekend in Austin coming up my wallet decided against it. I wasn't the only one who decided against it, and as you know the fest got canceled.

Though, for those that did buy tickets organizers promised a full refund, but that might have been easier said than done.

Deirdra Funcheon over at our lovely Broward-based sister blog The Juice has the lowdown:

Ermine -- whose story was seconded by others complaining to New Times -- paid $300

but was refunded only $269.50, meaning he's out more than 30 bucks. 

"In this economy?!" he cried.  It would be fair, Ermine says, if that's

what he'd agreed to in advance. But when he bought his tickets, he read

a screen that said in plain English, "You will receive a full refund for the face value of the ticket in the event that the show is canceled."  Only now is  Langerado.com saying, "Each order will be refunded to the credit card in full, minus the included order processing fees."

Read the rest here.

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