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Nine Best Things to Do This Weekend

HBO is advertising its online streaming web site with the tag: "The story you could be watching is better than the one you're in." Sounds like a challenge to us.

This weekend, drink more hooch and hug more whores than Steve Buscemi on Boardwalk Empire. Blow more horns and dance in the street more than those on Treme. Get thirstier and freakier than the vamps on True Blood. The only HBO show we would not like to see you trump is Game of Thrones. Leave the beheading and dragon births to the professionals.

To help you live better stories than the ones you're watching, here are the nine best things to do this weekend.


  • Tattopolalooza starts tonight so show up early and catch the ink artists while they're still fresh and alert.

  • O Cinema's How to Live Forever may seem unnecessary considering there

    are more centenarians living now than ever before. (As Colbert said, the Today show is going to have to add another hour just for all the

    Smuckers birthdays). Still, 100 is not forever so check out this

    documentary about longevity experts.

  • Jai Rodriguez's late-night shorts program, Dirty Little Secrets, is about to end so catch it this weekend at the Arsht Center.

  • Straight from Montreal, by way of London, DJ duo Blond:ish brings

    electronic vocal house to Arkadia. (We hear most of you like to go



  • Reuse, reycle, regale? So it goes at the Go Green Fashionista, a eco-friendly/haute couture mash-up.

  • You can't go around beating the crap out of everyone just because you

    feel like it. So channel all that aggression into watching the Bellator

    Championships at Hard Rock.


  • Is there anything better than waking up and gorging on sweet, fluffy,

    eggy treats? Yes, having your a.m. feast without dining on any

    animals. Check out Sweat's monthly vegan Waffle Party this Sunday.

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Amanda McCorquodale