Nine Best Things to Do This Weekend

We admit that sometimes we look at the calendars in other cities and pine away at their mermaid parades and secretary-themed club events. We're only human. But considering Miami feels like a sweaty soup right now, the city is full of wild things to do for this time of year.

We'll be watching this black cat chase a CGI bunny/alien at the Coral Gables Art Cinema, and then there's hip-hip dance festivals, sneaker conferences, Nigerian Afrobeat, and plays of revenge. That's not to say we would turn down something as imaginative as an Administrative Soul Party. Feel free to get a little bit more freaky, Miami event planners.


  • Extremities: We're suckers for stories of revenge - like Extremities, which opens tonight at Main Street Players. A young woman holds an intruder captive and becomes his punisher. If we could high-five her right now, we would. Look for our review tomorrow morning.
  • New York International Children's Film Festival: Fans of directors Michael Gondry and Tim Burton should head to Coral Gables Art Cinema for the Best of New York International Children's Film Festival. These world shorts come with an extra helping of weird that's usually reserved for kids's vivid imaginations.
  • Suen Kuti: Why should you go see Nigerian Afrobeaters Seun Anikulapo Kuti + Egypt 80? For one, Brian Eno produced their recent "From Africa With Fury" album.
  • Calvin Harris: This Scottish producer loves to bring his merrymaking to South Beach. Tonight he hits Set.


  • Miami Soccer Festival: With the addition of World Cup player Abby Wambach, this fun local footie party became a must-do destination for soccer fanatics.
  • Best of the Best:

    Think of this concert as a sampler of Miami's great local music scene.

    The line-up is filled with the winners from our 2011 Best of Awards:

    Gorilla Pussy (Best Band Name 2011), Somejerk (Best New Electronica act

    2010), Leslie Quick (Best Drag Queen 2011), Hellion Burlesque (Best

    Burlesque 2011), and more.

  • Sneaker Con: LeBron James may have lost the NBA championships for our city, but at least we can thank him for inspiring Sneaker Con to hold a footwear extravaganza in Miami. If you have a fetish for hot kicks, come see the latest and greatest in the biz. Panda sneakers!


  • Hip-Hip Dance Festival: The Illadelph Legends Hip Hop Festival, usually held in Philadelphia, will hold workshops and performances in Miami's South Miami Dade Cultural Center and Light Box at Goldman Warehouse starting this Sunday.
  • First Love:  As part of A Day Like Any Other, Rivane Neuenschwander's current exhibit at Miami Art Museum, sit with a forensic artist who will sketch the face of your first love.

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