Sorry, this is really the only thing that comes to mind when I think of TV set in night clubs.

'Night Club Miami', a Show About a Night Club in Miami, Will Shoot in Miami (Possibly in a Night Club)

Burn Notice won't be the only TV series shooting in Miami next year. A Dutch production company will be shooting a series called "Night Club Miami." Uhhhh, catchy title? "It's set in a night club in Miami? But what do we call it? Hmmmm? Oh I got it! Night Club Miami! Haha, Genius!"

According to The Hollywood Reporter the show is an international co-production which is being shopped around to channels across the globe, but the English language hour long drama will use an all American cast. The producers are trying to find it a home on American TV, but they might want to change the title to something a little less generic.

The series is one of the first fictional offerings of Dutch reality tv powerhouse Endemol, who has brought us such powerful programming as Kids Nation, Show Me The Money, and Big Brother 5: Project DNA (by the by, the Endemol USA Latino HQ is in Miami. They're busy putting together Vas o No Vas). It will be a co-production with NY based R-Lines Production (whose biggest credit is being an artist management consultant to disco genius Cerrone. Which could be awesome if they feature his music heavily).

Let's just hope it's better than Jennifer Lopez's South Beach.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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