Next X-Men Movie Might Shoot Miami-Set Scenes... in Michigan

X-Men, the blockbuster film franchise and the reason that every summer now includes at least one big superhero movie, is following in the footsteps of its originating comic book series by being way too overextended with a never-ending supply of spinoffs, sequels, and solo movies. In fact, there's at least five rumored movies set in Marvel's mutant universe. 

X-Men: First Class, a prequel based on the early friendship and eventually falling-out between Professor X and Magneto, is already in pre-production, with Kick Ass director Matthew Vaughn set to helm and James McAvoy attached as a young Charles Xavier. 

A weird location scouting notice went out looking for scenery native to Miami and, in a lose reading, might even indicate that part of the film could be set in Miami or at least a Miami-style location. 
A location scout is seeking out areas with a 1960s, South American or Central American island feel for the next X-Men movie, 'X-Men: First Class.' In particular, he needs to find cafe and bar locations, evoking the Argentinian feel of Bariloche, and an Art Deco Cafe or restaurant overlooking a body of water. Additionally, the movie calls for a Miami-styled harbor for yachts. If you know of any locations that seem to match a description, please contact our office.

You're guess is as good as ours if "Art Deco Cafe" and "Miami-styled harbor" mean there's actually a scene set in Miami (let's not pay much mind to the fact Miami doesn't actually have a traditional harbor). However, South Florida could easily supply all of those locations. Oh, wait... the notice went out through the West Michigan Film Office, meaning perhaps they're looking to find these locations in Michigan. Good luck with that.

Is this  just another example of movie studios looking for scenery Florida would be a natural to supply but going elsewhere because of the state's less than enticing filming incentives? 

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