New World Faculty Art Show Opens Tonight

That tired old adage "Those who can't do, teach" has never been true in the art world. If you can get accepted to a topnotch MFA program, you can study with John Baldessari (UCLA), Michael Asher (CalArts), Peter Halley (Yale), or a myriad of other well-accomplished men and women, some of whom teach right here in Miami.

So it's with appropriate gusto that we recommend attending the opening reception for the New World School of the Arts Faculty Art Exhibition tonight from 6 to 9 p.m. at the New World Gallery (25 NE Second St., downtown Miami). Admission is free, and the list of artists includes nationally recognized names in disciplines ranging from drawing to digital media, including:

Susan Banks - ceramics; Jenny Brillhart - painting; Carol Brown - collage; Felicia Carlisle - digital prints; Gregory Davis - photography; Tony Fernandez - photography; Carlos Gallostra - painting; Christy Ghast - video, sculpture; Michael Loveland - sculpture; Aramis O'Reilly - painting; Albena Petrus - Book; Annette Piskel - sculpture; Alisa Pitchenik - video; Karen Rifas - installation; Louise Romeo - collage; Yasmin Samimy - photography; Fred Snitzer - scupture; Lina Weiss - mixed media; Tom Wyroba - installation

For more information, visit New World's website or call 305-237-3597.

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