New Times Plays Cupid

Update: Last week, New Times wrote about a 12-year-old ballroom dance ingenue in search of a partner. Krysten Batlle, a seventh-grader at Arvida Middle School in Kendall, has been winning dance competitions all over Florida for years, but the only partners she can find are at least twice her age, if not quite twice her height.

Shortly after the story ran, a woman named Maria Crespo called us in a tizzy. She was excited about the "advertisement," and wanted Batlle to meet her 11-year-old son. Like Batlle, Marc Angelo Crespo has been ballroom dancing since he was 4, according to his mother. After several missed calls back and forth, Maria Crespo and Batlle's mother, Blanca Batlle arranged for their dancing progeny to meet this past weekend.

Crespo has just one concern about the barely 5-foot-tall Krysten. "She's a little tall for my son, I think."

Stay tuned...-Rob Jordan

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