Art Basel Miami Beach

New Times Partners with Fountain Miami for Art Basel 2010

Greg Haberny, The Wanker's Ball
We have a confession. We basically launched this culture blog just to have somewhere to write about all the cool shit that happens during Art Basel. And most of it has nothing to do with the official mega art show in the convention center, but with the fringe, satellite shows that orbit the main event.  In fact, we're so drawn to Fountain Miami each year, we (the New Times) decided to be its media sponsor.

Named for Duchamp's urinal, Fountain is an installation-based art fair held in a sprawling Wynwood warehouse at 2505 North Miami Avenue. As opposed to other hoity-toity Art Basel artists, those included in Fountain are rooted in the DIY aesthetic, they're approachable, and they offer art that's actually affordable. Last year, in addition to their indie artists, they had Brooklyn group Chairlift, retro dance group G-Love, and a sweat lodge on stilts full of naked people.

At the previous Fountain fair, Brooklyn artist Greg Haberny mistook our art critic Carlos

Suarez de Jesus for a fire inspector as he was stringing lights on a

sculpture that was "part birthday cake part capitalist Christmas tree."

Carlos wrote: "The concoction bristled with dozens of kitchen knives

Haberny had plunged into the piece. It was part of an installation he

calls Wanker's Ball replete with padded walls and floors covered in pink

polka dots and dozens of mixed media works across the manic sprawl."

Haberny's installation also included performance artist Rachel Hoffman,

who served as a bleeding Sleep Beauty who later performed a striptease.  

Another Fountain artist, Johnny Fenix, had silk screens of pink brains

superimposed by penises and beer cans as well as paintings depicting

Jesus on a bucking bronco or flipping off spectators with both hands. No

word yet on which artists will exhibit at this year's Fountain Miami,

held December 2 - 5, but we just wanted to say: We'll definitely be

there and loving it. Bring on the stripping Disney characters, angry Jesus's, and penis art.

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Amanda McCorquodale