New Times Gets You Cheap Tickets to Heavy Metal Musical BroadSword

If you're a manic fan of things like metal, musical comedy, and Satan, it'd be tragic if you missed BroadSword at the Adrienne Arsht Center's Carnival Studio Theater.

Written by Marco Ramirez, directed by Paul Tei, and starring members of the Mad Cat Theatre Company, this ridiculously funny festival of riffage tells the story of a long-defunct Jersey band named, duh, BroadSword that reunites when its former lead guitarist Richie goes suddenly and mysteriously missing. The rest of the show deals with sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, sleuthing, and the selling of souls. Go here and here for a preview-slash-flashback.

And like we said up top, the New Times is very serious about you seeing BroadSword. So serious, in fact, that we've hooked up a $10 discount for every single one of our readers. Just surf the web wave over to the Arsht ticketing site, login or register, and snag some tix. Then enter the promo code NEWTIMES at checkout and you'll only pay $25. This rippingly rad offer's good 'til May 6.

So, go buy BroadSword tickets now. Who says? Satan says.

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