New Shuttle to Bring South Beach Tourists To Art Walk: Is That Good or Bad?

Part of being a local entails babysitting out of town visitors staying on South Beach. That can be a drag if you don't actually live on Miami Beach. Especially, if they ask for ideas on what to do besides clubbing on a Saturday night. Your might be tempted to suggest Saturday Art Walk over in Wynwood, but stop short when you  realize they're probably going to ask you for a ride. So you keep your mouth shut. After all, they're not that good friends.

Well, starting with tomorrow's monthly Art Walk you can feel free to promote bejesus out of the event, and not fear being on the hook for a ride. The  Miami Design Preservation League is sponsoring a new shuttle to ferry South Beach tourists to and fro Wynwood's Saturday Art Walk, and to different stops during the night. But besides getting you out of having to drive friends around, is the ferry a good idea?

The Design District, Midtown & Wynwood (DMW)

Experience Gallery Shuttle costs $20 - a savings of more than $3 for a similar trip

using a taxi, according to It departs the Art Deco Welcome

Center on South Beach at 4:45 p.m. and has stops at all 3 neighborhoods with at

total of 7 shuttle stops running on rotation. Riders can get on and off

as much as they want. The

shuttle returns to South Beach at 11 p.m.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that any additional option for

transportation is a good thing, especially one that is

cheaper and probably safer than other alternatives. But considering the

nature of the Art Walk scene and recent complaints about the how crowded

it has become, more people might not be so great. The prospect populating Wynwood

with more bodies, many of who probably have even less a clue about the

art that's being shown than those booze hounds that congregate their now

could make it even more of a circus.

Exactly what will result from the new shuttle is not clear but

we'll get our first taste of it at tomorrow's Art Walk. The inaugural shuttle ride will be full of pomp and circumstance with

ribbon cutting ceremony at 5 p.m. and reception at LMNT Gallery from

5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

The DMW Shuttle costs $20 and leaves from the Art Deco Welcome Center at

4:45 p.m. and makes three stops in the Design District, three in

Wynwood, and one in Midtown. For more information call 786-237-7567, for

reservations call 305-763-8026, or visit

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