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New Logos From MySpace, Gap, iTunes Embarrass Themselves

MySpace logo is a waste of space.
You have to feel for MySpace. The company that basically started the social networking revolution continues to fall out of social relevance. Last week's embarrassing announcement that they changed their logo to "my _____" -a Helvetica font for "my" and a blank space for "space"--only highlights how desperate the company is these days. And it doesn't help that there announcement came on the heels of the Facebook movie that's kicking ass at the box office. The logo is a last ditch effort at making news. And a misguided one.  But at least MySpace isn't alone in the category, a bunch of companies have unveiled bonehead logo changes recently. Here are five other brands that messed with their logos with disastrous results.

Logo gaffe, or publicity gem?
The Gap

Once known for their stylish branding and commercials, the clothing

retailer has fallen behind the likes of Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie

and Fitch with their cool quotient in recent years. They made news last

week when they announced that they were changing their logo, only to

change their minds faster than John Kerry. There was a huge public

outcry and eventually the company announced that they were they were

changing it back. The whole episode reminds us of when Coke introduced

New Coke only to reintroduce Classic Coke. Either it was a very

expensive gaffe, or Gap brass is secretly laughing at the publicity ploy

of the new century.

What is it?
2012 London Olympics

It's fitting that the next Olympic Games will be held in London in 2012,

because the logo is no less a catastrophe than the cataclysm predicted

by the Mayans.  It's hard to make sense of the logo itself, but what is

certain is that it's ugly. Graphic designers across the world have

universally lambasted the design.

We'll stick with donkey.
New Democrat Logo

You'd think that Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or some Tea Party tea-baggers

were behind this logo. It's conservative. "It's not technically bad, but

seriously underwhelming, and clearly trying to replicate the success of

the Obama brand," says Miami graphic designer Sarah Rusin.

The butt of many jokes.

Always suffering from Coke envy has its ill effects. Pepsi tinkers with

its logo and brand more often than is advisable, and often ends up the

butt of jokes. See what we mean?

No cd. No problem.

Apple ditched the old iTunes icon/logo with a CD behind the music note

earlier this year, and though it was time for a new design the new one

is pretty lame. "It almost makes sense, no one buys CDs anymore, so why

keep it on the icon," says Rusin. "But it does have a mess of bevels,

drop shadows and gradients, which makes it easy to criticize." We don't

know what all that means, but it sure sounds bad.

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