New Gallery JG Platform Opens "Sauvage" During Wynwood Art Walk

Greetings Artopians. Here are some physics. All mass has gravity. The bigger an object is, the more it draws to it, and the bigger it grows. Get the point? Wynwood is attracting new galleries, and a new one opens this weekend, all the way from France.

J.G. Platform is dedicated to showing the work of young, emerging, and unknown artists. The space is run by Jacqueline Wilson, a former French diplomat. And in a way she still is, because the show features the work of three folks from France. Don't worry though, she's showing love to locals too. Like Gustavo Oviedo from 131 Projects, whose work you may have seen projected on Grand Central or on a backboard at the "Art of Basketball" show last December.

She's also exhibiting work by a Chilean, a Venezuelan, and even an American artist. How's that for multicultural? The show is called "Sauvage," meaning wild, and the work reflects an urban aesthetic.

Check out Oviedo's collage (above). Those are each photographs of marks scrawled into concrete. Hey, it just doesn't get much more street than that.

Jacqueline got down with Miami by working with local Diego "Dee" Guzman during Art Basel. See, networking pays off. Here's one of his pieces.

Check this new space out, and be a part of the ever growing local movement. JG Platform is located at 2320 North Miami Ave in Wynwood. Visit

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Jacob Katel
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