Neologism Friday
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Neologism Friday

Jump the Shark - Used to describe the moment when a TV show or other cultural phenomenon has outlived its usefulness or creative steam, e.g. Phil Hartman's death stalling NewsRadio.

Land it in the Hudson - A sentiment of encouragement, usually given in the midst of a crisis, based on US Air Flight 1549's successful crash landing in the Hudson River, as in, "If General Motors can turn a profit before the 4th quarter, they could still land it in the Hudson..."

Land Sharking - To use one's connections to shamelessly promote oneself, a project, or a product. E.g. Jimmy Buffett's friendship with Dolphins President Stephen Ross, OR...

P. Scott Cunningham's use of his job as Assistant Calendar Editor of the Miami New Times:

On Saturday, May 9th, the University of Wynwood Presents:

1. Rene Morales, Associate Curator at the Miami Art Museum, on the MAM building project, dream exhibitions, and general speculations about the Miami art situation pre- and post- that whole "utter annhiliation of the global financial system" thing.

Doors at 6pm. Lecture at 6:30pm.
The Chatham Building
155 NE 40th Street
Miami, FL 33137

2. The Poem Depot. Members of the Miami Poetry Collective will write a poem on a topic of your choosing for a suggested donation of $2 or more. Purchase includes a free copy of the Three Cent Journal: A Modern Anthology of Miami Poets, #3.

8pm - 10pm
Corner of NW 23rd St and NW 1st Place
Wynwood Arts District


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