NBA Finals Tattoos: From Jason Terry's Trophy Hope to Mario Chalmers's "Mister Clutch"

That Jason Terry sure has some chutzpah. The Dallas Maverick's sixth man has a tattoo on his arm of the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. Only problem is, neither Terry nor the Dallas Mavericks have ever won that trophy. Of course, they aim to change that starting tonight when they tussle with the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals at American Airlines Arena.

Terry's tat made national news with the shooting guard saying he'll remove it if they fail to win the title. We have a couple shops he can make a reservation at. But Terry's ink is only one of dozens that adorn Heat and Maverick players. Follow the jump for a picture presentation, including LeBron's Akron love to a weird goblin-type thing on Caron Butler's arm.

7. Shawn Marion
They used to call this dude the Matrix before he got old and lost the ability to dunk. Now, Marion is more like Agent Sucks-a-lot. And his leg tattoo is pretty bad as well. Really, Chinese symbols? C'mon Shawn. What's worse is that Celebrities Tattoos Site says Shawn goes around saying the symbols represent the "Matrix" but others say it actually reads: "Demon, Bird, Camphor." Yikes.

6. Mike Miller
We've waited all year for Miller to heal from a variety of ailments and finally he's starting to play with some confidence -- even with two useless stumps also known as his thumbs. But Miller could use some help with his tattoos. "Miller Time?" Good grief, man. Notice how Miller looks more buff in that photo when he was playing for the Washington Wizards. What happened?

5. Tyson Chandler
This tall drink of Dallas tap water committed a flagrant foul when he got his "Only the Strong Survive" tattoo. Not only is it a cliche, but the exact same tattoo is on Allen Iverson. And we're guessing "The Answer" got his first. That's a technical Chandler.

4. Mario Chalmers
You can't see it so well from this picture, but trust us Rio has "Mister" on one arm, and "Clutch" on the other. Yeah, a little cocky, for sure, but considering he made a three pointer which saved and eventually won the NCAA Championship Game in 2008, it's understandable. Plus, we want our Heat players willing to take the clutch shot at the end of the game, even if we hope its D-Wade or LeBron.

3. Caron Butler
We have a hard time bad mouthing Caron as he was a badass Heat player once upon a time, and actually helped land us Shaquille O'Neal when he was traded to the Lakers. Butler is coming off a injury and might not play in the finals, and that's good considering the eyesore on his shoulder. What is that a goblin? A ghoul? What's certain is that it's scary, and not in a cool way.

2. LeBron James
This guy has already proved all the doubters

wrong with his incredible play in the playoffs. And we love that he

never forgets his hometown Akron with a 3-3-0 with his forearm tattoo.

If he would have stopped there, we could have lived with it. But no

amount of homer-ism can make us not gag at his gigantic "Chosen" tattoo

sprawled across his back. Not even if he was Jewish.

1. Udonis Haslem
We love Chris Bosh, LeBron, and D-Wade, of that there is little doubt. But when we say we love UD, you know we really mean it in a way that's different than the rest of the squad. He put the Miami in the Miami Heat, and, apparently, also on his back.

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