Nature Photographer Wild Bill Keeting is Miami's Own "Grizzly Man"

For decades now, Miami Beach resident "Wild Bill" Keeting has been doing everything in his power to get as close as possible to some of nature's most dangerous beasts. Unlike some of the grizzly-loving eccentrics who have been eaten before him, however, Keeting's main aim isn't to "become one" with the bears. He just wants to take photographs of their majestic hairy hides. 

The 65-year-old retiree says his love affair with nature photography has lasted not because of the excitement of hanging out with heavily clawed, horned, and fanged creatures, but rather because of the justified laziness the occupation affords him. "What happened was, picking up an interest in photography gave me an excuse to sit around and experience nature," Keeting said.

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Camille Lamb
Contact: Camille Lamb