Naked Linemen and Mall Brawls: A Peek at Deleted Scenes from Rakontur's The U

If you weren't totally rabid with adrenaline -- T-stepping through the end zone, starting fistfights at the cineplex, throwing coke-powered countdown parties, hiring strippers like Tipdrill and Spyda for lunchtime lapdances, running naked across campus -- in the run-up to ESPN's December premiere of Rakontur's documentary The U, then you cannot by any measure call yourself a Miamian. A true fan of Hurricanes football would have been out there tearing shit up like a 1987 national champion.

Make up for your former failures by pulling on a jersey, joining the program, and flashing an inappropriate amount of hometown pride while you wait for The U to drop on DVD. It comes out August 17, so that leaves a month of bringing mayhem to Miami's streets, stripclubs, and sports bars. Feel the adrenaline.

Check out the jump for four deleted scenes just released from the Rakontur vault.

Deleted Scene #1: One day, the 'Canes 1983 recruiting class took a fieldtrip to the movies. Thirteen huge dudes -- including Melvin Bratton, Jerome Brown, and Danny Stubbs -- invaded the Riviera Cinema to see crazy dog horror flick Cujo. "We were laughing and joking about the dog and slob and the whole deal," Bratton recounts. Then some tough guy screamed: "Shut Up!" It was the making of an epic near-beatdown.

Deleted Scene #2: Back in the early '80s, Coach Schnellenberger had a crazy formula for success: 100-degree heat + count ladder drills + dangerous levels of dehydration = VICTORY! And while it may have worked, there were players puking on the sidelines, stripping down at midfield, and fleeing town under the cover of darkness. Even the doctor was just waiting for someone to die.

Deleted Scene #3: Jimmy Johnson owns a giant bag of Jedi mind tricks. Like wide receiver Brett Perriman says: "He's got a psychology degree, so he was good at manipulating. He was good at motivating. He was good at using scare tactics."

Deleted Scene #4: When the 'Canes won the 1984 National Championship, quarterback Bernie Kosar spent the last few seconds scheming to keep the game ball to himself. The guy was a total team player.

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