A preview of a room at the Mondrian

Naked Candy Thrower Brings His Design Aesthetic To South Beach

Fast Company profiled Marcel Wanders, the Dutch designer who is making one of his first State side statements with South Beach's Mondrian Hotel.

Will Wanders' style fit in with South Beach? Well, if his flair for exhibitionism is any indication, he sounds like he might as well be a local.

In August 2003, the day after the blackout in New York, Wanders gave a talk, called "The Naked Designer," ...As the talk went on, each time he ticked through one of the 10 points on the screen, he took off another article of clothing. By No. 9, he was wearing only his shorts. By No. 10, he had stepped behind the podium, dropped his drawers, and was dressed only in a towel. As the moderator stepped onto the stage, Wanders exited, to raucous applause.

Suddenly, there was a new slide on the screen: RULE NO. 11: ALWAYS GIVE MORE THAN EXPECTED. That was when Wanders, sans towel, streaked from the back of the auditorium to the stage, threw candy into the crowd, and -- boom! -- the room went dark.

The Mondrian is the latest Miami effort of the Morgans Hotel Group, which also owns two of SoBe's most striking properties: The Delano and The Shore Club. The Mondrian promises to be just as stylish, and will appropriately have its grand opening in December to coincide with Art Basel.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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