Music Skate Fashion Cause: The "Art Basel of the Urban Arts" to Benefit Cancer Patients

They are shutting down the entire block. Artists will create live mural paintings down the street. Musicians will take the stage and bring Miami's soul to life. Food trucks will trek down to Wynwood to satisfy everyone's appetite. Models will strut down the Wynwood District. Skateboarders will glide through a new skate course.

Music Skate Fashion Cause is a block party and charity event combining these arts in hopes of enlightening the burgeoning artistic movement bubbling in Miami, and it begins this year.

Ideation Group is a newly formed marketing, film, media and event production group joining Phatechee and Emanate Filmworks as the masterminds behind MSFC. Phatechee, established in 2007 and based in South Florida, dedicates its time to expose up and coming fashion brands, musicians, and artists with homegrown talent in Miami. Emanate Filmworks, Phatechee's partners based in LA, have experience coordinating music videos and commercials with known figures such as Flo Rida, Cash Money Records, and Spike Lee. Since 2011 the team has been working together to produce what they hope becomes an anticipated annual event.

MSFC envisions a bright future; it hopes to become the Art Basel of the urban arts, annually drawing crowds en masse to Wynwood's Art District to expose local musicians, artists, skaters, and entertainers to Miami's stage year after year. Seems like an ambitious goal, but one has to start somewhere, right? Art Basel sure did. And this summer, their two-year long endeavor will come to fruition at their inaugural annual MSFC event.

"Although this is our first year, we are very impressed with what we have been able to put together and can't wait to share our vision with the public," said Abdur Rahmn, an MSFC team member.

With Wynwood as the heart of Miami's booming artistic scene, a more perfect location could not have been chosen. On July 6, MSFC presents Miamians with live musical performances by local thriving musicians such as Kulture Shock, Will Brennan (recently picked up by Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Record's), Kayale, and Eric Biddines. The fun doesn't end there. Truckfit, Rocksmith, and WuWear will showcase their latest designs and hit the runway while artist Atomik splashes paint through out the block.

These locals will not only stage their talent in hopes of entertaining a crowd, but they will brave Miami's humidity (something no one wants to do) all day to support a greater cause. MSFC teamed up with Grind For Life, a charity whose mission is to offer financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. Grind For Life impacted the MSFC team because "cancer affects so many families and [they] were deeply inspired by Grind For Life's founder, Mike Rogers." Unlike many affected by cancer, Mike Rogers, who is also a competitive skateboarder, beat the odds against an advanced stage of sarcoma cancer.

To support the cause and to bring awareness to Miami's community, one dollar from every pre-sold ticket will be donated to Grind for Life as well as all the proceeds from the raffles during the event.

The inaugural MSFC event will take place Saturday, July 6, at LAB Miami (400 NW 26th St., Miami) and the entire block will be shut down from 3-9 p.m. Tickets are being sold for $12 and will continue to be sold at that discounted price until the day of the event and/or until discounted tickets run out. The price will increase to $15 per ticket on the day of the event. To purchase tickets visit or To get involved email

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Ashli Molina