Muppet Madness

Admit it: When you watch Sesame Street and see Bert and Ernie shacking up together, you know there's some monkey business going on. It’s not because they are overtly gay puppets; you're just prone to thinking dirty thoughts. It’s not your fault. Or is that just us? Have we said too much?

If you are like us, then you will love Avenue Q, the hilarious and often-raunchy Broadway musical coming to the Arsht Center Wednesday through Sunday. Avenue Q features puppets (based loosely on Sesame Street characters) that sing about the trials and tribulations of making their way through big-city life. But this is not your typical puppet show: Songs such as “Everybody's a Little Bit Racist” and “The Internet Is for Porn” will make you blush, gasp, and most of all, laugh your ass off. The puppeteers walk around the stage in full view, which actually adds to the hilarity as they wage their assault on political correctness. Just get ready for the puppet Rod to sing “My Girlfriend Lives in Canada,” in defense of the fact that he really isn't gay. Did we mention Rod lives with another puppet-dude? Yeah.
Wed., May 14, 2008
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Dan Renzi
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