MTV Holds Miami Auditions for the Next Real World

Do you remember when reality TV used to mean something? If Julie from Alabama had been cast in a recent Real World and not the original season in 1992, she would have had to be a former child porn star with incurable hiccups. But 20 years ago, when the series first aired, it was enough that she was an 18-year-old Pollyanna in the big city.

Over two dozen seasons later, the veil of "finding out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real" is completely yanked back. Reality TV has scripts and feeds on characters. And so before you show up to this weekend's Miami casting call for The Real World: Season 26, read on for some tips.

The casting directors say that this season, they are particularly

interested in applicants who have challenges living an everyday life. So

before stepping out with head shot in hand, make sure your story falls

into at least one of the following categories. Your chances of getting

cast increase with each category checked.

  • Former Black Panther interested in Mormonism
  • Scientologist with a strange reaction to deli meats
  • Drama nerd aspiring to produce Broadway rendition of Que Pasa USA?
  • Sorority girl considering a sex change after bad hazing experience with goat
  • Very hygienic male with great hair and ambiguous sexual orientation
  • Drifter who may or may not be related to both Paris and Perez Hilton
  • Heiress who suffered domestic abuse by her butler whose name was actually Jeeves
  • Anyone homeschooled who also suffers dissociative disorder by cycling through the cast of Are You Being Served?
  • Country bumpkin and devotee of the Tea Party with a porn addiction
  • Femi-nazi and felon with a thing for stripping when drunk
  • Meth lab cook who wants to make a career change to child education
  • Bulimic spinster who cannot eat meals in the presence of cats
  • Mexican immigrant who compares everything to scenarios seen on The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock
  • Anyone Amish who spent their entire Rumspringa as a zombie

And just so you know what you're up against, check out the sample audition tape below.

Attend the casting call for Season 26 of The Real World this Saturday at

Fado Irish Pub (900 S. Miami Ave, Suite 200, Miami), from 10 a.m. to

5 p.m. Sign up online and bring a recent picture of yourself. Good


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Amanda McCorquodale