MSG Cartel's Locals Only Art Basel Show: "Paintings That Don't Cost Thousands"

While other artists fight for space in Wynwood, the notorious MSG Crew have a 340,000 square foot building to paint however they want.

The former Biscayne Plaza, a main site of the Michael Bay action flick Pain & Gain, is now called Midpoint, and as part of its renovation and re-introduction to the community, the developers have opened their doors with 305 pride for an art show called Locals Only starring Miami's Style Gods themselves.

We caught up with MSG Quake to find out about their New Era snapback collabo, big pieces, and slanging canvas.

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The hats are fresh, how'd that come about?

Quake: Cool J's, which is one of the biggest distributors of New Era in the southeast approached us about doing an artists series with our crew. Once New Era saw what we came up with, they got excited, too. They're releasing limited edition Abstrk, Atomic, Pucho, and Quake snapbacks, and helping to promote the cause of our show.

What's the statement you guys are making with this show?

This is where we're from, this is how we rep, this is the way we live, and these are the people that we want to come to our show. This show couldn't happen in Wynwood. It could only happen on 79th and Biscayne.

What's featured in the show?

Paintings that don't cost thousands of dollars.

What's going on with the building?

Midpoint is a newly renovated building with a lot of history. At one time it was the poppingest, thrivingest mall in the hood. It's a huge landmark.

You're doing murals there?

Yeah, similar to what we did at HistoryMiami Museum, where each artist layers their perception of Miami together. It's gonna be fuckin' dope. We'll all be out there painting.

What is the difference in the environments and media you use?

We don't give a fuck if we're in the streets or the galleries. We like creating shit and painting big.

What is a characteristic of MSG?

We never fail, we're too strong together as a unit. MSG is a Miami-centric based crew. We're really interested in the city, not just our name.

What can people expect?

Paint. Top to bottom.

Can you identify some shit that's fucked up with the way local artists are treated by the "art community?"

Yeah, right now at Miami Marine Stadium it's 90 percent out-of-towners that are redeeming a local iconic structure that I grew up painting. Not that it should be me doing it, but it should be people from here.

Why do you think that is?

This is a generalization because the tide is changing, but the people with money don't care about the local art scene.

What's the change that's happening?

People are starting to see how talented Miami artists are and that they don't have to fly in out-of-towners. It makes more sense from a money standpoint to work with who's here. And there are some people waving that flag. Midpoint may not know shit about street art, but they want locals to do it, and we like that attitude, and that's why we're working together.

Locals Only art show and release party, curated by Omar Khan and Jill Weisberg, Saturday, December 6 from 7 to 11 p.m. at Shops at Midpoint (8031 NE 5th Ave.) Also on view Thursday from 1 to 11 p.m., Friday from 1 to 8 p.m., and Saturday from 1 to 7 p.m.

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