As wildly desperate as we were in expressing our love for the Smiths in the 80's, we had nothing on the new crop of Latino-American Morrissey fans. Resonating with Mozzer's recurring themes of alienation, morbidity, transcendence, and existential dread, these new devotees, who are often first- or second-generation Mexican immigrants, have propelled the singer-songwriter into an iconic status bordering on the religious. And Morrissey, a resident of Los Angeles (now frequently dubbed, "Moz Angeles"), has returned the love full-force, claiming that he wishes he'd been born in Mexico and penning songs (e.g. "The First of the Gang to Die") in the sytle of old Ranchero ballads.

Finally someone-specifically director Kerri Koch-has documented this unusual pairing in a non-fiction film. Titled, "Passions Just Like Mine," the 78 minute film probes into the lives of various Latino Mozzer fans to try to get at the heart of the connection.

Of course, a film this cool could only play at Sweat Records, so go early, browse the stacks, buy some popcorn, and sing (read: cry) along.
Mon., May 18, 8:30 p.m., 2009
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P. Scott Cunningham