Moving Messages

Catch this crazy dance mix

MON 6/27

San Francisco springs to mind way before Miami when it comes to kooky art shows, but our local Dot Fiftyone (51 NW 36th St., Miami), an alternative gallery with plenty of performance space, will play host to "Off the Wall," a seriously nonmainstream show during the Florida Dance Festival, a ten-day dance training program and performance series. It's the perfect place for edgy dance theater, performance art, and even a little bit of film scattered throughout the gallery in short vignettes of seven wildly eclectic performances.

In Detrás de una Pared ... Otra, Letty Bassart explores the abstract ways we make choices as she climbs a rock wall without equipment. Palingenesis investigates the rebirth of the soul in the style of Twenties German Expressionism. The Measure of a Man tries to reconcile varied concepts of masculinity in a world of mass media, gay rights, machismo, and feminism. She Sank on Shallow Bank is a haunting surrealistic stop-motion animation film of a dancer's dreamlike psyche. Once should stimulate mind and body as Rochelle Fabb performs in an x-ray dress (clear plastic over her naked figure). The performance begins tonight at 8:00. Tickets range from $10 to $15. Call 305-674-6575, or visit --Karen Dale Wolman

Quincy's Delight

Music is better with Q

THUR 6/23

Who better to tell the story of the evolution of American music than Quincy Delight Jones, Jr.? In the Fifties he was arranging for Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington. In the Sixties he worked with Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, and Aretha Franklin. In the Seventies he produced Rufus and Chaka Khan. In the Eighties he made Michael Jackson a superstar. He has produced diverse tracks like "It's My Party" by Lesley Gore, "We Are the World" by the star-studded charity group USA for Africa, and the theme song to Sanford and Son. Tonight you can pay homage at the Miami Beach Cinematheque (512 Española Way, Miami Beach). As part of its Montreux in Miami: Jazz on Film series, the theater will screen Quincy Jones: 50 Years in Music, an amazing film recorded during the 30th edition of the prestigious festival. Also enjoy live music by flautist Charles S. Robinson and Ron D *8* Lim. Tickets cost $12. Call 305-673-4567, or visit --Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik

A Picture of Freedom

Fugard's photos speak volumes

FRI 6/24

South Africa may be a long way from South Florida, but the theme of the African American Performing Arts Community Theatre's new play, Sizwe Bansi Is Dead, is not so distant. The play addresses apartheid, the system of racial segregation that forced black South Africans to carry identity books which restricted their travel and employment, similar to black Floridians during segregation, who were required to present identity cards to enter Miami Beach. The deeper theme of Athol Fugard's 1972 play is identity within a society that stifled black self-expression. Andre Gainey, William Barnes, and Teddy Harrell, Jr. star. Opening tonight at 8:00 at the Black Box Theater, 1300 NW 50th St., Miami. Tickets cost $15; $20 at the door. Call 305-751-4043. --Ilona Solomon

Infantile Almanac

THUR 6/23

Awww. With a name like Baby Calendar, this local band bears mentioning in the New Times calendar. "Some call us indie rock, some say indie pop. But it's just happy music," explains Jackie, who sings and plays bass and keyboards. Tonight at 8:00 the groups releases its CD Fifteen Year Old Sneakers and kicks off its tour at Sweat Records, 2320 NE Second Ave., Miami. Admission is free. Call 786-263-8144, or visit -- Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik

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