Movies for Girls Who Love Girls

If you can’t wait for the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival any longer, head to South Beach tonight to get your fill of the Sapphic silver screen with the Best Lesbian Short Films. In addition to a variety of select shorts and music videos, founder Sandra Grace will reveal her latest music video, “Do You Have a Lover?”, before its debut on the all-gay-themed Logo television network. The femmetastic event is even still taking submissions, should local talents want to show something (check out for guidelines).

On her Website, Sandra the Filmmaking Lesbian explains that her festival’s purpose is to show alternative films and videos “not necessarily directed by lesbian filmmakers, but that [are] still of great interest to our underserved community.” Underserved? Is Sandra not paying attention? Lesbians are everywhere! They’re hosting the Oscars, they’re making Elisabeth Hasselbeck cry on The View… even Suze Orman on PBS fessed up to her lady-loving ways. Ladies and gentlemen, lesbians have officially taken over. Go to the Miami Beach Cinematheque to bathe first-hand in the oncoming lesbian zeitgeist.
Sun., March 25, 8 p.m.
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Dan Renzi
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