Mother's Day 2013: The Ten Best Pop Culture Moms of the Year

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8. Girls' Loreen Horvath

Lena Dunham's Girls is a show that requires its audience to find its own humor in the lives of its characters. The humor is definitely there -- these are privileged twentysomethings; everyone is inherently stupid at that age -- but Hannah Horvath and her friends are too busy taking themselves very, very seriously to wink at the audience at home.

But when Hannah's mom Loreen shows up, played by Becky Ann Baker, we all get a breather. Instead of making our own internal judgment when Hannah asks her parents to pay her rent or passes out on drugs in their hotel room, we can count on Loreen's face to do the work for us.

7. Parks and Recreation's Diane

Only a true warrior princess could convince Ron Swanson to wear makeup and eat a banana.

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