Motherf**cker With the Hat at GableStage through February 5

Former drug addict and dealer Jackie is clean, sober, and living the legit life with a new job and new outlook. But Jackie's old lady Veronica still gets high and might or might not be sleeping around on him. When Jackie stumbles upon a hat that doesn't belong to him in Veronica's apartment, his newfound life of sobriety and legitimacy turns on its head. He gets his hands on a gun and tries to find out just who the motherf**cker is that's sleeping with his woman. He approaches his AA sponsor, Ralph, for advice. Problem is, Ralph might or might not be the motherf**cker in question, and their so-called friendship is put to the test as the strain of past lives begins to take its toll. Featuring tension, foul language, dark comedy, and the most badass title a Broadway play has ever had, Motherf**cker With the Hat explores the friendship of two men at a crossroads and the moral ambiguity of change.

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Chris Joseph