Moskow Disko 2.0 Showcases Artists, Sculptors, Photographers, DJs, and More

We love being given the opportunity to party productively, and this Saturday, you can do just that at cultural dance party Moskow Disko 2.0, at Mova Brickell.

Of course, there will be DJs and live music, but there are also several artist exhibits, and part of the proceeds benefit the national, anti-bullying organization National Voices for Equality, Education, and Enlightenment (NVEEE). Moskow Disko 2.0 provides the perfect excuse for guilt-free drinking - the more drinks you buy, the less that kids will get bullied - or something like that.

Moskow Disko 2.0 is a revamp of Moskow Disko, a successful weekly party that combined art, music, and food, and took place at the Dome on Miracle Mile last year (and we should know -- this author hosted and helped organize last year's event). Maximus 3000, who co-organized the original Moskow Disko, decided to take the casual, mingling vibe of last year's party and amp it up -- hence Moskow Disko 2.0.

"Moskow Disko for me is an amalgamation of throwbacks. A throwback to my roots as a visual artist and love of mixed media. A throwback to my favorite era of music. A throwback to my early career as a DJ -- being able to share the decks with longtime colleagues -- and my Electro-A-Go-Go era," says Maximus. "Moskow Disko is a celebration of all the things that drive me -- music, art, DJ culture, and philanthropy. The open-air terrace and dancing under the stars are just bonuses."

Maximus, who is a Billboard chart-topping producer and DJ, is also a big supporter of local arts. Even though he was already heavily involved in both the Winter Music Festival and the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade and Festival this year, he wanted to jump back into helping support and promote Miami artists.

This time, he wants a larger venue to accommodate more artists, as well as live performances, live painting, dancers, and some of Miami's most recognized DJs and performers.

Featured artists include Jessica Schnur, who recently exhibited her "Babies on Parade" series at Gab Studio in Wynwood. The series of photographs feature vintage baby doll heads juxtaposed with incongruous backgrounds, and all the images were shot with her iPhone. She'll be exhibiting from this series as well as her latest series, "Babies on Parade: Movement through Gay Rights."

"I found these baby doll heads at a yard sale, and the seller told me his grandmother, who recently passed away, used to make dolls," Schnur says. "These were what he had left of her supplies."

Local artist Teepop, widely recognized for her stylized portraits and sculptures of music and pop culture legends, will start live painting at midnight. Her work fuses pop, street, and graphic design elements to produce vibrant portraits of such icons as Debbie Harry, Bettie Page, Wonder Woman, and Tupac Shakur.

Infusing the evening with music, Maximus has gathered well-known DJs and performers, such as veteran Dracula's Daughter of the Kitchen Club, Church, Morgue, and Mausoleum fame; and Michael M, known for international club hit "Dear Diary," who will be performing live.

Moskow Disko 2.0 will also feature an exhibit of sculptures by Recycled Jude, an art collective from Ft. Lauderdale; and works on canvas by New Jersey-born, Miami-raised, Cuban-American artist Max Gonzalez. Other DJs include Essential 6, Le Brion, and DJ Zheno, and there will be additional live performances from Covent Garden and international recording artist Jei from Oscar G's label Murk. She also appeared on VH1's Tough Love.

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Now, back to productive partying.

All works of art will be available for sale, so you can support local artists and contribute to charity while taking advantage of $5 to $10 drink specials and a 'reverse happy hour' beginning at 2:30 a.m. We just love win-win situations, don't you?

Admission costs $5 before midnight and $10 from then on. Moskow Disko 2.0 takes place at Mova Brickell, 401 SW 3rd Ave., Miami, Saturday, from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m.

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