Monthly Live Art Showcase to Kick off at South Beach Marriott

Outdoor art is particularly apt in Miami, where there's no excuse for shutting ourselves up in stuffy, overly air-conditioned galleries. It's better to immerse yourself in aesthetics under the brilliant summer sun. And you can do just that at the South Beach Marriott's new monthly for artists, BY ARTISTS LIVE event.

Every second Thursday of the month, five artists will take photos, paint and exhibit their various works on the hotel's oceanfront terrace bar, Deco Blue. Free of charge.

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The exhibition kicks off this Thursday at 7 p.m., and artists involved include photographer Fred Love, Cuban American Visual Artist Rebecca Barba, wall-art designer Benari Stewart, visual artist Jessica Loren, and featured exhibitor Miguel Paredes.

Rod Pratt, the producer and artistic director, says that this new concept is a spinoff of the weekly for artists BY ARTISTS Digital Media Exhibition for artists held at Haven on Sundays. The gathering has been ongoing since its launch in 2011, and this Sunday marks their 75th installation.

"Coming out of the digital presentation, I wanted to present the artists in their natural environment, where their creations [would be] witnessed by guests in a great environment like South Beach Marriott," Pratt says. "Live art, unobstructed view of the Ocean -- what a great setting and vibe."

Pratt hopes the program helps people become a part of the overall creation experience.

"I hope the guests in attendance will get to see the artist in a passionate state, doing what they love to do. I know they see the mechanics of the artist, but when you see the glow in an artist's eyes and how they seem so comfortable in a 'state of creation,' it's pretty amazing. I mean, whether it's a blank canvas, raw material, or even the composition of a photo. What do [artists] see that we don't ... is interesting to me."

Plus, attendees can take advantage of an extended happy hour from 4 to 9 p.m., with half-off signature cocktails, draft beers and featured wine by the glass, as well as complimentary valet parking when you buy food or drinks at Deco Blue. Art plus booze = an almost Basel-esque atmosphere. That should tide us over nicely for the four months till Basel comes around again.

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