Monica in Stripes, Tats, and Typoe Bandanas

Fashion Breakdown: Hat from a handmade hat store in Texas, dress from a thrift store ($3), belt from my father, the spikes on the belt from some other Hot Topic belt, bandanas are by and from Typoe, shoes from the Shoe Warehouse, and necklace is a mix of charms she's taken from other pieces.

Name: Monica De Miguel
Occupation: I do what I need to do as the Assistant to the Director at Locust Project. I get it done.
Native? Homegrown. Born and raised. Miami-Dade County. Westchester. La Ciento Siete (107th).
How did you get away with your style out there? I don't know. This is me.
So you blend? Oh no. I didn't blend. Pero, you know.
Seems like you like thrifting. Where would you recommend a place to shop? Flamingo Plaza, yard sales.
Where can you be found on a Friday night at midnight? Depends if there's something going on, but most of the time, it's Club Bed with DJ Pillow.

Spotted at Locust Projects in the Design District

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