Model Earth

Historically, fashion mavens are not exactly salt-of-the-earth types. More like caviar of the sea. They’ve been known to raze the land for cotton and rape the animal kingdom for hides and furs. They don’t exactly mind taking advantage of mankind either, with sweatshop workers slaving away so we can have cheap jeans and shoes. But it’s 2011. And it’s bad public relations to spit on Mother Earth. Enter Go Green Fashionista & Expo. In its third year, the event honors environmentally friendly fashions and styles, everything from vintage clothing to eco-friendly accessories. Celebrity stylist Joey Rolon (he’s done up Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Pink) will unveil a Japan tribute showcase with fashions from his South Beach store Funky Sexy Couture. And the expo will feature RAX Collection jewelry and accessories, Inta Gansone’s dresses made out of newspapers and other recyclables, Adjanie Muller and her eco-friendly Haitian handbags, and vintage fashions from RagHouse, which combines old clothes with new styles. Up-and-coming R&B sensation Miraj will provide the soundtrack, and there will be samples galore of nature-inspired beauty and skin-care products as well as organic foods and juices. And lest things seem a bit too tame, there will also be an organic vodka-tasting. The shows will take place at Mia at Biscayne.
Sat., June 25, 6 p.m., 2011
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Sebastian del Mármol