MOCA Opens Optic Nerve Festival to Artists Outside of South Florida

We talk a big game about the local talent here in South Florida. But it all means squat if our creatives only exist within 305's incestuous little art bubble, right? Although, it's true, we were initially a little territorial when we heard that the Museum of Contemporary Art was opening their Optic Nerve Festival to artists outside of our hood. For the past ten years, MOCA's video art festival has been an integral survey of local film talent.

But then our competitive spirit kicked in. After all, one of Miami's strongest exports (next to cocaine, reggaeton, and pastel fashion) is video art. So we welcome art nerds from Kansas to Kalamazoo to bring their best to our swamplandia. We're armed with wild Komodo dragons, suffocating humidity, and kick-ass video artists. Let's do this.

All the necessary guidelines and forms are available on MOCA's web site.

But basically, video submissions must have made in the past two years, be under

five minutes, and be in MOCA's hands by July 10.

Last year, over 80 artists submitted their work and about 20 of those

were screened at the one-night-only festival (read about last year's lineup here). That crop of videos was

so inspired that MOCA ended up choosing three -- Autumn Casey's Getting

Rid of All My Shoes, Susan Lee-Chun's Let's Suz-ercise!

(Chicago-Style), and Justin H. Long's In Search of Miercoles  -- for

their permanent collection instead of just one. Even the work not

selected had a happy ending; Jillian's Mayer's Scenic Jogging eventually

screened at all the Guggenheims.

We have a few hunches about the videos that will screen at this year's

Optic Nerve XIII on August 27. But if we could commission a piece, we

would ask Julian Rodriguez (of Piratas from Borscht) to film something about

his recent brush with death when an alligator chased him in the

Everglades. Let's get this Swamp Gothic party started.

MOCA-Museum of the Contemporary Art (770 NE 125th St., North Miami) hosts Optic Nerve XIII on August 27. Call for submissions is open until July 10. Visit mocanomi.org.

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