​It seems like culture is only going to get more and more obsessed with itself. More movies are going to be based on old TV shows, and, soon, movies will be based on the film remake of the original. Internet memes recreate at lightning speed, and people are sewing images of hats onto actual hats. 

"Mission: Impossible" Challenges Local Artists to Spy on Each Other

Meta self-reflection is a bullet point of academic postmodernity. But thankfully visual artist, Autumn Casey, has injected some levity into an often stuffy art world with "Mission Impossible," her new show at Little River Yacht Club. Like Casey's previous event-installations (at the Shalimar Inn in 2009 and the artist-as-bartender themed show, Whistle While You Work), the project calls for local artists to set their aesthetic crosshairs on an unusual subject: each other. 

For "Mission: Impossible," participants entered their own names in a hat, held a random drawing, and were then instructed to spy on the artist they selected. From this espionage, they were to derive pieces for Saturday's show. Cultist caught up with Casey via email to find out more. 

New Times: A recurring theme in your shows (or do you prefer "happenings"?) is the role and identity of the artist. Would you say you make art for artists?

Autumn Casey: I think the most fitting term for these projects is, well, projects. Projects that in turn become events/shows to share with more people. Usually it's a collaborative effort between myself and Laura Duran. It's our collaborative practice about practice. Part curatorial, part throwaway gesture and part performance. Mission Impossible is the longest time frame we've worked with, so I think a lot of the people really had time to get as in depth as they would have wanted. I would say I like to make art with other artists, not necessarily for them. Art can be for anyone. 

What are your expectations with regards to how far participants will take the spying component? Would the best piece be the one that crossed the most boundaries?

I'm really not sure what to expect. I do think this is a tasteful bunch, so I don't plan on seeing any footage of someone on the crapper or anything like that, although that could have been an option. I always think something simple, yet telling, could be just as successful vs. something that's more shocking and literal. The most exciting thing for me about this project is that there were no boundaries and the people that signed up for it could do whatever they want. The projects people came up with about other artists are in a way portrait [of the model-artists] and in a another way portrait of that artist that made the piece. 
In addition to the Artist, your projects have also interrogated identity of the Gallery by hosting art events in immersive environments that become art themselves. What are some future subjects you plan to explore? 

We mainly choose alternative locations to the gallery, because it's just easier to gain access to, on your own watch. Having an event at the Little River Yacht Club is actually the most neutral location we've used so far. I've always wanted to have a show that's entirely dependent on the sunlight, just have to find the right building with the right windows.

"Mission: Impossible" is Saturday at Little River Yacht Club (70 NW 73rd St., Miami). The show starts at 7 p.m. and features work by Kevin Arrow, Autumn Casey, Cynthia Cruz, Laura Duran, Patti Her, Jay Hines, Carlos Rigau, Sleeper, and Tatiana Vahan. Visit the event's Facebook page

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