Jersey Shore and Why He's Richer Than You">

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Talks Cougars, Jersey Shore and Why He's Richer Than You

After summer 2010, the city of Miami Beach will never be the same. Not only did the Bad Girls Club take over our city, those Jersey Shore kids did too. If there was ever hope that we would never hear the phrase, "I'm in Miami, Bitch," ever again, they ruined those chances. Brace yourself, Miami: expect to see Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino a lot more around town.

As of yesterday Sorrentino is the co-owner of Boca Tan Club,

alongside Jen Boronico. And we got a chance to sit down with him at their Brickell

location. Well, we were sitting. He was actually lounging in a tanning

bed (seriously). And that wasn't the most shocking thing about the interview. Nor was the

fact that he was an hour late. No the most shocking thing about our time with the Situation is that he knows the word surmise.

New Times: So, my mother is very jealous I am here. She loves you. Have you accepted you have a cougar following?
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino: Oh yeah, I have accepted it.

Would you ever date a cougar?
I like girls in their 20s, but don't knock it till you try it, right?

Are you excited to be back in Miami?
Yes, I am definitely excited to be back in Miami. We do have a house down here very close to the beach. But I don't really get to visit much because I am working. But now it's great because now my work involves where I live, so it's awesome. Now I am actually going to get to stay at my house. So, I am pretty excited about that.

What are a few of your favorite places to hit up when you are here?
Clubs, I like SET, Mokai, Mansion, you know, LIV. It always turns into a situation.

When you and your cast were here, a few clubs banned you, right?
Those are where I go when I am normally here. When we here for shooting, those were just rumors, you know what am I saying? People just make up stuff.

Miami clubs vs. Jersey Shore clubs: Which do you prefer?
Clubs in Miami stay open a lot later and the scenery in Miami has a little on Jersey.

What about the ladies in the 305?
The ladies in Miami are a little more exotic, but I don't discriminate.

Don't lie; the ladies in Miami are hotter than Jersey girls.
That's like saying you like chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream. You know what I am saying? I like both.

When you were living here for the show, I can imagine you visited a tanning salon pretty frequently.
I had visited Boca Tan Club a few years back and loved the facility. And I remember thinking, "why isn't there one by me?" I don't just sign onto anything. It really has to work with myself, my brand, their brand and I believe that you put us together and it's the perfect fit. Boca Tanning is the T in GTL. My main goal is to help promote and expand.

Did you partner up with Boca Tan just to save some money on tanning?
Now that you mention it, it's probably a perk. 

How were the tanning salons in Italy?
The tanning salons in Italy were like nail salons. So if you wanted to go tanning, it was pretty much a nail salon. So I am thinking that might be one of the locations we will eventually look into. But the sky is the limit. Between the success of Boca Tanning, the continued success of Jersey Shore, and the Situation brand, we are just very excited.

Well, should Miami prepare for you to be here a lot more?
I would surmise the fact that this is where most of the stores are, ya know? Well, we are also trying to open stores in New Jersey and New York, so I am going to be traveling.

By the way, congrats on making $5 million last year.
Working is what I

love to do. I love to be in entertainment. I'm fortunate enough to have

my own business and have my family working for me. That's probably the

most important thing as I was coming up. I thought to myself, I hope one

day I am successful enough to help my brother and my family out. We now

have 12 employees.

Before you go, I am guessing you aren't wearing Abercrombie and Fitch tonight.
Nope, Armani.

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