Midlife, Made Funny

Menopause, balding, memory loss, wrinkling, sagging, increased susceptibility to disease, weight gain, prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and, finally, death. Truly, what could be funnier? What on God’s green Earth could make better fodder for a laugh-out-loud, foot-tapping humfest of a musical? Absolutely nothing, if you believe composer/playwright brothers Bob and Jim Walton and the middle-age theater people of the Actors’ Playhouse.

Mid Life! The Crisis Musical, by the Waltons, is a series of vignettes about the horror and hilarity of growing old(er), playing through August 10 at the Miracle Theatre. You’ll giggle at the thought of your parents losing their minds and retrieving the mail without any pants on! You’ll cry mirthful tears for fortysomething women with shriveling ovaries worried they’ll never fulfill their biological destinies as mothers! You’ll sing along to joyous odes about the glory of encroaching disfigurement and death! It’s a good time for all! The lobby will provide razors to those who wish to slit their wrists at intermission. Just kidding. You’ll need to bring your own. Tickets cost $38.50 to $46. Call 305-444-9293, or visit www.actorsplayhouse.org.
Fri., July 25, 2008
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Penn Bullock