Michael Yo at the Miami Improv: Yes, He Was Actually Really Funny

Like many South Florida residents, we try not to travel without Y100. And Michael Yo and his crew really does make any ride home from work just a little bit easier. A couple of weeks ago, he happened to mention that he was hosting a night the Miami Improv.

We mean, he is a Miami personality, which makes sense. Then when we really listened close, we heard that he wasn't just hosting--he was the main act. Really, the name dropper from Chelsea Lately? We had to see what this was all about.

With 15 minutes to

showtime, we got the last available table. If you didn't know better,

you mildly felt like you were walking into a club. DJ Ross was playing

Pitbull at an all-time high and was requesting the crowd put their hands

up in the air like they just don't care.

And as we settled in, we saw

something we have never seen before: the guy we were there to see

mingling with the crowd. Like any E! employee, he rolled with a small

camera entourage, but that didn't stop him talking with the audience and

not denying one fan that asked for a photo.

The night specified that it would be just Michael Yo and Jody Miller,

but showing up last night, you got a full night of comedy. The host was New Times' Best Stand Up comic (2011) Nery Saenz and we were hooked the minute he started making

fun of his hometown of Kendall. His opening number might have only been 15 minutes, but immediately we were glad we showed up that evening

on his act alone.

Following the about six opening acts was the only lady of the night Jody

Miller. Being the only girl, we mildly expected her to try to hard with

cat lady and period jokes. While there were a couple of those, she

wasn't just funny; a woman at the table next to us literally fell out of

her seat. It might have had something to do with the "hot mess"

cocktails she was drinking, but Jody definitely had something to do with

it. Honestly, Chelsea Handler should be worried.

Then, there was Michael Yo. Don't get us wrong, we definitely didn't

expect him to be funny. He kind of makes us grin on the radio and he

usually just name drops on Chelsea Lately, so yeah, we kind of expected

him to be terrible. But he was the opposite of terrible. He was really,

really good.

So good in fact, after the show, we wanted him to quit that

shit over at E! And we weren't the only ones who thought so -- he

definitely got the biggest laughs of the night. He reminds us of that

friend that is funny, but you would never know it, because he is too

afraid to get in trouble with HR to ever speak up at work. Yo's

life stories alone had the entire club cracking up--his mothers name is

Kum. Need we say more?

Thanks to the Miami Improv, we will never watch E! News the same again.

And if Michael Yo ever does another show in the 305, we wouldn't just

go; we might actually pay for it

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