​The Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival (FIIFF) deserves more props. Year after year, FLIFF draws Hollywood biggies like Kevin Spacey, Lynn Redgrave, James Woods, and Martin Scorsese. This past Saturday, Michael Moore, the man who calls himself America's conscience, made his fourth appearance at the festival for its 25th anniversary.

Michael Moore Gets Angry at Fort Lauderdale Film Festival

Before speaking to a sold-out crowd on Saturday, a surprisingly soft-spoken Moore held a press conference to talk about his man crush on Jon Stewart, his disappointment in Obama, and "the stone cold idiots that we call our fellow Americans." He also took some time to talk about how much he loves SoFla. Not. 

Follow the jump for some key quotes from Moore's Q&A with the press before going onstage at Cinema Paradiso for Michael Moore Speaks! An Evening with America's Conscience.

On the Recession: Maybe there's no way out of the mess; maybe we have to live through it. I don't know if we will ever get out of it, frankly.

On seeing Obama's name on the ballot: When I stepped into the booth, I started crying.

On the healthcare bill: I'm disappointed that Obama didn't go stronger on the bill. 

On his decisions as a filmmaker: I get inspired everyday. 

On the Obama administration: I'm disappointed in him not being a force for president like I wish he would have. He went in like the nice guy he is. 

On the possibility of a career in politics: I offered to come work for him [Obama] for a dollar a year.

On South Florida: I've been working here in South Florida for a couple of months. It's a good place to come write because there's nothing here I want to do. There's absolutely nothing here that interests me. 

Moore also let us in a little secret: He's here working on a project. That's all he would say, so stay tuned. And keep us posted of any Michael Moore sightings.

The Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival runs through November 11. Visit fliff.com.

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