Michael Bay Adapting New Times Stories for the Big Screen? Yes, We've Heard the Rumors

This much we know for sure: Blockbuster director  Michael Bay is seriously considering taking a bit of time off between Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers 3 to direct what he's calling "a small movie." As for rumors that the film might be an adaptation of a series of 1999 Miami New Times features, well, we've talked to some people and at this point cannot confirm or deny. We'll let you know when we can. 

The features in question are "Pain & Gain" -- which chronicle the true story of Kendall bodybuilders who find themselves caught up in a world of steroids, strippers, torture, and murder -- written by former staffer Pete Collins. Most of the posts detailing the rumor point to only the first article in the series, but the full story develops over three individual segments. Regardless of whether the series makes it to the big screen, it's an excellent read: 

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Kyle Munzenrieder